Asia Trade United (S) Pte ltd is headquartered in Singapore with offices in UAE and India and trade representatives in South East Asia , SAARC counties and Africa . Asia Trade United functions through the Chairman and Board Members and is one of the leading mandate holders of commodities directly from the factories and refineries. We work strictly within the mandate parameters at a global price which nobody can match. We have our in-house Shipping and Logistics to service the contracts without any glitches.

What we do

We source the commodities from the leading refineries/factories in the world. We have a specialized team to look after each derivative and its corresponding technical aspects through quality analysis/lot-wise testing for specification and gradation, certification of inspection and statutory/non-statutory documentation for FOB/CIF trade. Our institutional procurement, technical documentation, AAA banking and trade procedures are well-defined at numerous stages to present a holistic and ethical trade model.

Oil -The most widely traded commodity in the world. And we have the best of it.

Sourcing oil is done from the best refineries. With the advantage of having an in-house shipping & chartering department, we can ensure on-time delivery of the cargo.

Fertilizers. For the best of crops.

Sourcing fertilizers and shipping them has been our expertise. Our team of charterers fix the vessels for the cargo on time-charter or voyage charter basis.

Minerals - The Earth itself.

Continuous exploration from among the mines in Africa, we also source mineral ores based on the requirements of our clients.